Vitebsk – the cultural capital of Belarus
Assumption Cathedral Church In Upper Town
Aerial view of Vitebsk
Curved streets of Vitebsk
Marc Chagall painting of Vitebsk
Interior of Marc Chagall house
"Slavic Baazar" music contest

Duration: 12 hours

The city of Vitebsk is situated to the north of Minsk and is known today as the cultural capital of the country. It is not only because of the international song festival «Slavanski (Slavic) Bazzar», taking place in Vitebsk annually, but rather of the city’s rich artistic heritage.

Marc Chagall, an outstanding artist of the XXth century, was born here – moreover, Vitebsk became his main source of inspiration for the entire life, the town’s views could be recognizable on lots of Chagall’s paintings. Such world-famous artists as Vasiliy Kandinskiy, Ilya Repin, Kasimir Malevich also once lived and created in Vitebsk.

During the city tour you will visit Marc Chagall Home-Museum and Marc Chagall Art-Centre, as well other sights, which give Vitebsk an elegant sense of past: the City Hall, Holy Assumption Cathedral, Holy Resurrection Church, the Governor’s Palace, the famous Kirov Bridge across the Western Dvina River.